Dinner With Friends & Events Are Back At Giovanni's!

We’re Working Extremly Hard To Bring Back The Dining & Party Experience And Are Proud To Announce Several New Options!


Virtual Dinner

Remember the old days of enjoying good food, good wine and even better company?  Well those days are back! Giovanni’s is rolling out Friday and Saturday night dinner reservations!  You’ll be able to make a reservation with friends, everyone can select what they’d like to eat from appetizers and drinks to dessert.  We will hand deliver the order to everyone in your party in time for your reservation.  Guests will also receive a link which will give them access to our virtual dining room where ONLY those in your party will be seated.  You’ll be able to see and speak to each other privately all while remaining in the safety and comfort of your own home! 


Girls Night Out

Girls night out is back! And we’re sure that after all you’ve been through recently YOU NEED IT! This limited event will feature light food and a bottle of our homemade sangria hand delivered to your door.  In addition you’ll receive access to our exclusive Girls Night Out Virtual Event Space. Once inside you’ll enjoy a live DJ who will take your requests and you’ll be able to see and chat with your girlfriends! 


Virtual Cigar Night

We will send you a custom kit including scotch tastings and a cigar, along with a link to join our Virtual Smoking Room where you’ll be able to learn about the scotch and cigar and interact with your friends.  There may even be a celebrity host or two who join! 


Virtual Graduation Dinner

Graduation is coming and we’ve come up with a solution to get everyone seated at the table to celebrate!  Our Virtual Graduation Dinner can be reserved for up to 50 guests.  Guests will have the ability to select their meals in advance of the dinner and we will hand deliver (Staten Island residents only) the meals to them on the date of the event.  We will also provide guests with a link to our PRIVATE Graduation Dinner Room where all your guests can enjoy seeing and speaking with each other while enjoyin their meal.  We can even spotlight that special someone to make a celebratory speech congratulating the graduate on their achievement!


Virtual Birthday Party For Kids

These are tough times, especially for the little ones.  We’ve created the ulimate solution with our Virtual Birthday Party! Once you’ve booked your birthday party, all children will receive a pizza making kit along with a slice of your favorite birthday cake and a candle hand delivered to their door (staten island residents only) along with a Birthday Party Room link.  Once inside their private room, the kids will be shown how to make their pizza by our staff, and then everyone is invited to sing happy birthday to our special guest! Upgrades, such as a magician perfoming, are also available. 


Virtual Sangria Tasting

We will hand deliver (staten island residents only) a custom sangria kit including 3 samples of our signature sangria along with light food.  Then you can join us in the Virtual Sangria Room where we’ll talk about the types of sangria and you can interact with your friends!

  • Each of our Virtual Offerings is unique and needs special attention. Select from the choices below so we can contact you.

First Responder Giveback!

Say Thank You To A First Responder!

Buy a gift card from Giovanni’s Trattoria for your self or a loved one, and we will donate a gift card of eqaul value to a first responder.  It’s that simple to help say thatnk you!

Simply use the form to the right to place your order and we will mail one gift card to you.  If you know the name and address of a first responder, you will have the opportunity to enter that information and we will mail a gift card to them as well. 

Don’t know a first responder but want to say thank you?  No problem.  We will create a gift card of equal value and bring them to be distrubuted at the end of the campaign with a personalized Thank You Note from you!